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Re: TNG Caption This! 346: Lovey Dovey

Thanks for the win from two weeks ago!

Minuet: "Will?"
Riker: "Yes?"
Minuet: "Can you do me one favour?"
Riker: "For you, anything."
Minuet: "Can you tell your Captain to zip up his pants?"

Worf: "I love it when you cosplay as a Vulcan and get all emotionless in bed..."
K'Eylehr: "I don't cos... You son of a bitch! You've been sleeping with that slut Selar!"

Crusher: "You can let go of my hand now Jean Luc, it's beginning to hurt... Jean Luc?"
Picard: "Try saying croissant once more Beverly..."

Geordi: "I must be doing something right! The last time we had a date in a caption contest. You'd already had SOS tattooed on the soles of your feet by now!"

Data: "Eau de WD40. I've got a date with a couple of sparkplugs tonight. They're twins, and are really hot with lubejobs. Don't wait up, losers!"
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