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Re: list of boyfriend rules

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The trouble is, a lot of supposedly adult men and women never outgrow this kind of list-making.
1. Kind
2. Intelligent
3. Feminist
4. Taller than me
5. Generally fit
6. Good fashion sense
7. Reader
8. Sexy accent
9. Educated
10. Left Leaning
11. Not a hippy, naturopath, believer in the paranormal, woo-woo fool
12. Similar worldview to mine
13. Wants kids, willing to adopt one
14. Good in bed and willing to experiment, generally dominant
15. Going on from 14, willing to experiment with third parties of either gender
16. Totally into me.
17. Likes cats
18. Not clingy
19. Has a good job
20. Good hygiene
21. No farting. Have the decency to leave the room or silence a non-stinker
22. Likes karaoke
23. Plays the piano and writes me goofy love songs
24. Curly hair preferred.
25. Generally healthy diet but not a health nut
26. No goddamn juicing/gluten is evil/paleo nonsense
27. Not a "theatre person" (probably not artistically inclined at all.)
28. Good at math, an engineer would be nice
29. Has one or more tattoos
30. Owns a beautiful old estate in some rolling English countryside or something, inherited from his entirely deceased family (no in-laws to deal with), where we can throw garden parties when we tire of city life...which he only just found out about because he didn't know his insanely wealthy dead relatives and was raised quite humbly so there's not to much of a class-based culture clash between us, and he never forgets where he came from, and we sometimes have Abba dance parties and we can afford to fly first class when we take the kids to visit their grandparents, and we work because we want to not because we have to, and...


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