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Re: What did the Enterprise-C look like in the real TNG universe?

Yes. There had been some uncertainties how to proceed with TNG-R in the beginning but I think the powers that be made the right choice to present the remastering in the original aspect ratio and to recreate the VFX as faithfully as possibly to match the original presentation (and, of course, keep the option for an alternate approach in the future).
Revisiting my old TNG magazines it's interesting to often read what the artists would have liked to present, but couldn't because of time and budget restraints (and I'm not just having the issue in mind we are discussing)!
I would find it interesting to see many of those unrealized ideas come to live in a future re-release (hence I suggested some while ago to already create some "database" to be prepared when the time Comes, but this idea didn't generate a lot of interest, unfortunately).

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