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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Yep, just put out a nice callout in NoP Public Service, and you'll get an invite if someone is around. Can get the various Tailor uniforms (Dyson Researcher is nice), various warp cores and consoles, etc.

We don't have any Spire provisions at the moment, but the Spire TAC consoles are very nice. Those take Research Provisions, queued one of those to run next, chip in to complete it faster if you want to use some of them. Can also get purple Mk XII ground kits (FINALLY), but need OPS provisions for that. That project is running right now, so gotta finish that one so we can fire up an OPS provision project and open those up.

In both cases, we won't have the max tier to get the best stuff, but we can load a couple provisions and use the NoP channel to buy the max stuff from their base...

NoP occasionally has someone willing to give a fleet invite to buy a ship, as well. No charging for anything in that channel, so free invites vice paying millions by finding someone in a zone or trading chat. Of course, it's nice to throw some loot back into their holdings if you use theirs to buy a ship, but not required.
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