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Re: Trek guest actors in maybe surprising roles

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Indeed he was a Melkot, too. Good pick up.

That's a good point about the "all guest star episode"! It's interesting in these early episodes to see that very few of the team are utilised some weeks, and, yes, Rollin/Landau is always a "guest star" at this point.

I really think Steven Hill makes a very cool team leader. I think Herb Solow wrote about having to fire Hill refusing to work weekends for religious reasons or something? A shame, I think he's great.
Hill is a very conservative Orthodox Jew. So he was VERY strict about observing the Sabbath, so that of course complicated matters shooting wise. The one great story is about him refusing to continue shooting until he could do a certain prayer - which required other Jewish males. So Solow had to scurry around Desilu gathering Shatner, Nimoy (in full Vulcan makeup!), and others to please Hill. A picture of that would be priceless...
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