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Re: Episode of the Week: 4x07 "Reunion"

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Does anyone ese feel like Alexander was just treated like this unfinished side project to the writers. It was like the writing staff would pick him up every once in awhile just to play with him but then drop him where they left him. DS9 made some effort too but I'm not sure if anyone even cared at that point.
While Alexander certainly had a couple of episodes to his character, his overall development through the course of the TNG era did feel like it didn't amount to much. Which again, is a shame because his character came at the expense of K'Ehleyr, a character who I would much rather have more episodes followed up on than Alexander.

On that point, did anyone really care that much about Alexander? I'm not trying to start a lynching mob on the character, I'm honestly curious. To me he was just an angry brat who kept stealing the spotlight, but I'd like to hear what others think about him.
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