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Re: list of boyfriend rules

^well, if you took my name, you wouldn't get letters to "Hutchinson" anymore. But only some 30 people on the planet could spell or write your new name correctly.
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Some things on the list rub me the wrong way, too, especially the more superficial ones and the ones people have no choice over.

All in all, they seem to be rather picky.
LOL they are indeed But so am I, to be honest.
What fascinated me about that list was that with some of their rules they stick to the classical stereotypes (nice jewelry), with others you almost hear their parents speaking (no kissing on first date), others again are very child-like (the good handwriting) and a few so absolutely hit the bulls eye with that amazing clarity only children and fools have (don't attack me! It's a German proverb I translated literally: Kinder und Narren sagen die Wahrheit).

What impressed me most is that point about the future BF having to like her job. Amen to that, sisters! After decades it's still a social drama here in Bavaria when the woman earns better than the man. Many a marriage has been divorced over this.

Chemahkuu's precise comment was quite interesting for me as it shows what he would consider a matter of fact.
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It is a proven fact that doctors have the worst handwriting on the planet.
It's obvious you don't know my boss (and he's right-handed)
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