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Re: You Know You Watch Too Much Doctor Who When...

Yeah. I noticed earlier on my laptop and my cell phone it's just showing 2 copies of my avatar. And the edit period has ended on that post. I don't know whether to blame the laptop, myself or, like you said, where I'm hosting my images. I think it's a little of all 3. However, I've changed my mind about giving up...

I'm gonna try again.

You Know You Watch Too Much Doctor Who When...
You find a goof in Day Of The Doctor. Then you go to IMDB to see if it's listed there. When you see it isn't, you're like "Whew hoo, I found a goof IMDB hasn't noticed." You then start referring to the goof as "MY GOOF."

See the goof?
Doctor Who--Day Of The Doctor.
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