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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Could it have been? I liked the scene cause it was a very father and son moment. I think losing that scene would have lessened the impact of Pike killed later, as well as the "grown up decision" of Kirk to take Khan into custody over gunning him down as ordered.
I love the scenes in question but I think the whole "Kirk gets demoted" subplot wasn't handled very well. He's a "Captain", then a "Cadet", then a "Commander/First Officer" then a "Captain" again in a span of about ten minutes. It was awkwardly structured and I think they could've done it better and given us the same father/son and death scenes.
That is true, there's a better way it could have been handled. Slowed it down. But with the pacing as it is, the scene is needed.

Maybe have sent Pike after Khan, Kirk as XO, Pike dies restarting the core, Kirk gets the Enterprise back for the 5 year mission at the very end.
No, not die, but...

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(Sorry to revive a dead thread...)
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