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Re: list of boyfriend rules

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1) nice handwriting
I don't really use handwriting, but I can print up a storm. I learned from Artie Simek.

2) cuteness
Make that... too cuteness.

3) likes parents
I visit my Mom every Saturday.

4) not living with parents
Not since 1982.

5) good manners
The goodest.

6) good artist
What about writing? Sure, art is essential, and I'm not bad at it, but writing is really more intricate, complex, and layered, and stuff.

7) dresses well
Absolutely. Just like my idol, Columbo.

8) takes you to nice place
I know the best Chat Rooms.

9) nice place
Meaning mine? Sure, if you like a cross between The Old Curiosity Shop and an Amazon warehouse.

10) likes children / wants children
Tolerates children, would rather die than have children.

11) nice jewellry
Laughs at jewelry.

12) listens
Intently. To music and old radio shows.

13) don't pick your nose
There's stuff in there. Stuff that has to come out!

14) no kissing on first date
That was around 1974, so it's water under the bridge.

15) marry someone who respects you
Doesn't believe in marriage. Would certainly only live with someone if there was mutual respect.

16) smart
Off the scale.

17) good cook
Nobody can nuke a Healthy Choice dinner like me.

18) has a good job
Fantastic. Secure with great benefits. And I work from home. It's like a dream.

19) always happy
In some sense....

20) clean
Very, except when I'm not.

21) respect different religions
I treat all religions with equal cynicism.

22) last name not weird
I don't know. It seems simple enough, but I keep getting "Hutchinson," "Hutchings," "Hutchens," etc.

23) very fun
I can't get enough of myself.

24) makes you laugh
"At" or "with?"

25) eats healthy
At this point I have no choice.

26) takes care of baby
Baby? What baby?

27) doesn't tattle tale
I change the names to protect the innocent.

28) brushes teeth and flosses
What teeth there are left, yes.

29) likes YOUR job
Sure, but not enough to do it.

30) takes care of pet
I treat my pets like people.

A weird last name wouldn't be much of a hindrance since nowadays (at least in my country) it's no prob at all for the husband to take on the name of his wife.
One of my biggest pet peeves my whole life has been women changing their names to their husbands.' Men changing their names to their wives' doesn't have the same history, but it's still not pleasing. People should keep their real names.
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