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Re: Starfleet Starship Insignia was all supposed to be the same?

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Still, the 900 years of observational lag in Trelane's view, in my mind has nothing to do with the Enterprise's time lag.

Remember, "the time barrier's been broken!" . From any planet anywhere, looking back on Earth from there would show images relative to how many light-years distant it is. For the Enterprise also, once it arrives there, too. The ship basically comes from another time, and once there it 'abides by its rules'.

Am I missing something obvious? I still see it as the Enterprise being from whatever century it was relative to the distance and speed of its journey to get there.
Err, no. Star Trek has always made it pretty clear that warp drive doesn't involve time dilation or non-simultaneity -- "now" is "now" everywhere in the galaxy. For instance, Voyager was missing seven years both in their frame of reference and the Federation's, even though they were on opposite sides of the galaxy. And physics actually backs this up; the Alcubierre warp equation shows that the flow of time inside a warp bubble is identical to that of a "stationary" observer.

The dialogue I quoted could not be more clear: Alexander Hamilton, Napoleon, and Johann Strauss were "nine hundred years in the past." The writer of the episode assumed that the show was set in the 28th century, period, because the time frame of the series had not been clearly defined yet.
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