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Re: Did You Ever Notice Riker Doing This?

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I like Riker as a character, there's no difference of opinion there at all. Like Kirk/Shatner, who I also like, it's just really easy to find some humor in Frakes' performances.
I agree that it's easy to find humour in his performance. But his character comes in for a lot of criticism, too.
I will say this: every time I've tried to write serious fanfic with Riker as a character, it always turns into a satire. Riker does not do well in my ST satires (neither does Kirk, for that matter). I still have fond memories of the TNG soap opera parody a friend and I wrote for our ST clubzine... poor Bill Biker and Hellana of Troi didn't fare too well.

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For me, Frakes is injecting as much charm and humour into the character as he can. Riker is supposed to be a bit brash, young, perhaps egotistical, sly, with a good heart and a wry smile.
His smile isn't wry. It's smarmy.
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And it isn't a smile, it's more a kind of... smirk.

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I think, perhaps, some of you are somewhat over-analyzing this.
If someone else wants to call his smile a smirk, I won't argue. He does smirk sometimes.
"Let's give it to Riker. He'll eat anything!"

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