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Re: Star Trek Continues: Episode 2 "Lolani"...

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To address a couple of things you mentioned:

Item #6 - Lolani was raised "off-world" by her parents. It was only after her parents got killed that she was returned to Orion and thus forced into slavery. That is why all the drama with her. She was not use to being a slave but was forced into the trade after a life of freedom. She was not the normal Orion slave girl raised in that life

Item #11 - The knife was from the Slave trader; not the knife that Lolani beamed about with. The knife is in the slave traders belt the entire time he is on board the ship and Lolani grabbed it from his belt when he was on the ground. As far as Kirk coming; it was because the security guard called him so I'm assuming he come down personally to deal with the "guest"
It says in the episode the Orion women were all enslaved by the males about 70 years before. Does that mean her father ''married'' a slave? I'd missed the part where her parents were dead, but it might have been interesting to examine this...

As for the knife, before you mentioned it I hadn't even noticed it was part of Ferrigno's costume. I looked at the scene again and there was no indication that particular knife was seized by Lolani. Fair enough...

Well, if Kirk came because the guard called him, what took the guard so long to come back to the room and notice the Orion wasn't there anymore? He should have been first inside, yet he only showed up long after Kirk did...
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