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ENT The Augments / First Appearances / Anthropomorphism Avatar Contest

Previously in the Star Trek: Enterprise avatar contest....

Praetor_Shinzon wrote: View Post
this contest is over!

the winner of our episode theme is...od0_ital! od0_ital also took first place in the Ent theme category. and first place in the random category goes to...Orac! congrats guys.
Orac wrote: View Post
Thanks for the votes!

New random theme: Anthropomorphism
First off, sorry it took so long to get the new contest up & runnin'. I've been offline and feelin' distracted the last few days.

So, to keep things simple, here goes...

This week's episode contest will be for 'The Augments', which will finish out that three-episode arc and almost, but not quite bring Brent Spiner's Star Trek career to a close (he did a voice cameo for the ENT finale, after all).

This week's theme, again stickin' with castin', will be first appearances - ENT had plenty of guest stars who had show up in other Star Trek series goin' back to the first season of TNG. If ENT had a guest star from awesome would that have been? Anyway, let's see the first look at the first characters played for the franchise.

And the theme, as chosen by Orac is "anthropomorphism" - the application of human attributes to a non-humanoid creature or object.

Standard contest rules apply - up to 150x150 and 140KB if animated.

Entries will be accepted from now 'til next Thursday-ish, give folks a week to enter & stuff.

Good luck, folks, and thanks again for all the votes.

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