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Re: TOS Big 12 (or 18)

I admit this is my fannish, obsessive-compulsive moment. but I also think it can be of some use as an information source to all the FF productions, which are increasing in size yearly.

As far as i can see, most of the existing series have staked out their own corner of the universe, their own ship and sometimes they have stories with a sister ship in a side role, and ''pseudo-canonize'' its captain (for instance, yourself and the Exeter crew with the USS Kongo and Captain Kosnett).

No one has contradicted each other yet, but with the pace of fan-film releases increasing in the next few years, I guess I'm hoping to avoid seeing Phase 2, Valiant and Farragut each featuring the USS ESSEX with Captains Shmoigerberg, Altezzoso and Malaka, respectively...

If also by placing all of these guys together within the same thread can help future producers be more creative, that would also be cool...

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