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Re: What did the Enterprise-C look like in the real TNG universe?

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More drama, Bob? I'm not stopping you from posting anything, so stop insinuating that I am.
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This drama you're alluding about shi***** all over Probert's design is quite unwarranted.
I'm not the one using scatology for drama and I was definitely not implying what you are suggesting.

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I have every right to speak my mind and provide proof to the contrary, no matter how much you dislike having to hear it.
You do but so do I if you please would stop minding. On the contrary - believe it or not - I appreciate someone like you arguing against my interpretations (like the Oberth Class age) so I can see whether it could stand a test or not. One of my best friends always plays devil's advocate when I confront him with a new idea, but he doesn't adopt his manners.

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Let the other forum members judge for themselves what they think of your opinions.

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But you know what? One plus one doesn't equal three. It equals two. And no student who left class that day was convinced otherwise.
Fascinating that you mention this, because Part II of my treatise features exactly this analogy in the context of the contradicting time travel scenarios presented in Star Trek, i.e. whether we should accept that 2+2=5 or whether we rather stick with 2+2=4.
Since you seem to favor 2+2=4 you might want to hang in just a little more.

@ BillJ

Personally I think that what you suggest is exactly what was going on in the minds of the TNG producers.

I believe they were just afraid that because of the similarities between Probert's Ambassador and Galaxy Class audiences might have mistaken one for the other, considering the small TV screens of the late 1980's.

Putting the Enterprise-D next to an Excelsior Class starship definitely created the contrast to distinct one from the other but so we ended up with all these Excelsior Class starships, instead.

It may have been a good thing for general audiences, then, but from a fannish point of view I think it's lame - and would like to look forward to a "special" or "artists" edition of TNG in the future where it should be easy on any HD screen to distinct Probert's [Ambassador Class] starship design from the Enterprise-D.

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