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Re: list of boyfriend rules

1) nice handwriting

I don't see how this really matters about anything. I love writing, I write every single day, keep journals, but have osteoarthritis so my handwriting is not neat and never can be. Am I to be dumped for that?

2) cuteness

Judging the relationship on looks, ok.

3) likes parents

Unless the parents are assholes.

4) not living with parents

Depends on their financial situation, and age range.

5) good manners


6) good artist

What? thats again a very vague and optional thing.

7) dresses well


8) takes you to nice place

Nice place? extremely vague.

9) nice place


10) likes children / wants children

Nope. A lot of people don't, I don't, again not suitable for everyone.

11) nice jewellry

As in he wears it? you were it? superficial again.

12) listens


13) don't pick your nose

Blindingly obvious. Then again plenty of women pick theirs so same goes for them.

14) no kissing on first date

Again, intimacy is dependent on the people involved, what they feel comfortable with.

15) marry someone who respects you

Stupidly obvious.

16) smart

People can't choose their IQ, and "smart" is rather vague.

17) good cook


18) has a good job

In this economy you take what you can get.

19) always happy

That's asking a lot, so depressed or mentally ill people aren't ok then?

20) clean

Obvious, several of these could be lumped under "good hygiene".

21) respect different religions

Atheists are out then?

22) last name not weird

That's incredibly unfair and judgemental.

23) very fun

"Fun"? well yeah we were all going to go for the killjoys before that.

24) makes you laugh


25) eats healthy

Depends if the woman does herself anyway.

26) takes care of baby

Again with the baby thing, what if they don't want children.

27) doesn't tattle tale

Jeeze, this really was written by children, this could be lumped in with basic respect.

28) brushes teeth and flosses

Again hygiene.

29) likes YOUR job

What if she doesn't either?

30) takes care of pet

What if neither want pets.

Seriously, a rather useless list. What was any use at all was common sense.
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