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list of boyfriend rules

according to the Huffington Post, a 6- and a 9-year-old set up the following 30 rules for boyfriends.

I wholeheartedly agree to most of them. Maybe it'd be an inspiration for some guys, particularly with Valentine's Day being so close.
What about you, ladies? What would you cancel or add to the list?

Blaire & Brooke wrote:
List of boyfriend rules:

1) nice handwriting
2) cuteness
3) likes parents
4) not living with parents
5) good manners
6) good artist
7) dresses well
8) takes you to nice place
9) nice place
10) likes children / wants children
11) nice jewellry
12) listens
13) don't pick your nose
14) no kissing on first date
15) marry someone who respects you
16) smart
17) good cook
18) has a good job
19) always happy
20) clean
21) respect different religions
22) last name not weird
23) very fun
24) makes you laugh
25) eats healthy
26) takes care of baby
27) doesn't tattle tale
28) brushes teeth and flosses
29) likes YOUR job
30) takes care of pet

while I could do without many of these, I consider numbers 5, 12, 13, 16, 20, 28 and 29 essential for a working relationship.
A weird last name wouldn't be much of a hindrance since nowadays (at least in my country) it's no prob at all for the husband to take on the name of his wife.
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