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Re: Star Trek Continues: Episode 2 "Lolani"...

A couple of things to note, some of them apparent in the two episodes STC has done so far and some revealed in their Q&A session after the premiere of "Lolani."

The STC folks are apparently aware of the fan feedback online, both here on the TBBS and on their Facebook page. I can't comment on how much feedback they get directly through their website, but I imagine it, too, could be significant. I know I forwarded some feedback to them that way.

On their FB page they are getting some intelligent feedback mixed in with the gushing praise and occasional negative remark. The inclusion of a female Starfleet Commodore might have come about because of fan suggestions to the issue. Larry Nemecek (who plays McCoy) has clearly stated his view that he thinks Janice Lester is an embittered loon and her remarks shouldn't be interpreted as Starfleet literally barring women from command positions. So the character of Commodore Gray might be a refutation of Janice Lester's remarks to some extent.

They do seem intent on minimizing influences from other versions of Trek. They were pointedly asked about possible JJtrek influences and Vic Mignogna nipped that one in the bud right there. He didn't say anything derogatory about JJtrek, but he made it clear he wants to emulate TOS and the things that made so many love the series.

That leads to the kind of stories the STC folks seem inclined to lean toward. "Lolani" was a first attempt to tell a story in the Roddenberry sensibility in terms of allegory. If that is indeed the direction they're leaning to then I say hurrah for them. That said while they appreciate the many suggestions fans are throwing at them (including a lot of fannish sequel and followup ideas) they seem more concerned with story first. They were asked about Klingons and the response was if a worthy story came along or could be conceived that worked having Klingons in it then they'd try to make it happen. But the sense was they wouldn't include Klingons (or whatever) just for the hell of it. My sense was they'd like to try exploring the different kinds of stories that TOS was known to do, but ultimately the story is what matters above all: is it a worthwhile story to tell?

In terms of funding they obviously paid for their first episode out of their own pocket (however they did it). The first episode was intended as a pilot of sorts, a proof of concept of what they could do and how they intended to do it. Their Kickstarter campaign had a target that they eventually exceeded in funds raised, enough to finance three episodes of which "Lolani" is the first of the three. They begin filming Episode 3 in March. So we will get Episode 3 this year and maybe Episode 4 as well. Their target, coordinated schedules allowing, is to do two episodes a year. After Episode 4 I believe they will have another Kickstarter campaign and the proceeds of that will again determine how many more episodes they can do next. Their first Kickstarter campaign raised about twenty percent more than they targeted so it could be interpreted as their first episode successfully impressing the target audience.

Essentially I was certainly hearing all the right things I would hope to hear. Now it remains to be seen if they follow through.
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