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Re: In-Universe Explanation for TOS Retro Tech

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Yeah... and the TOS bridge isn't all blinky lights? Blinky, completely unlabeled lights and displays full of blinky unlabled rectangles beneath a panel of static screens-- all designed to pop on a color TV. Say what you will about JJPrise, TOS was all about "it's just science fiction -- put some blinky lights on it."
"Oh, cut the bleeding heart crap, will ya? We've all got our switches, lights, and knobs to deal with, Striker. I mean, down here, there are literally hundreds and thousands of blinking, beeping, and flashing lights -- blinking and beeping and flashing -- they're flashing and they're beeping -- I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE! THEY'RE BLINKING AND BEEPING AND FLASHING! WHY DOESN'T SOMEBODY PULL THE PLUG?!?!"

"You have been examined. Your ship must be destroyed. We make assumption you have a deity, or deities, or some such beliefs which comfort you. We therefore grant you ten Earth time periods known as minutes to make preparations."
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