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Re: Rewatching Blake's 7

He owns Blake's Seven, or at least "the rights" to Blake's Seven.

He wrote a book called Lucifer set 20 years after the last episode, and he's involved behind the scenes of the Blake's Seven range being made by Big Finish, who have been doing Doctor Who since the end of the last century.

Big Finish just started doing monthly full cast adventures, and they have have had 7 box sets of partial cast, partially narrated stories stories focussing on one or a couple of the cast/characters called the Liberator Chronicles.

Sadly though, despite being in a more enlightened age today, I don't think that Blake and Avon are going to make out at the climax of some heated adventure and never mention it again.

The first full cast story, Warship, which was movie length, was the story of how they defended the break in the galactic barrier, waiting for the Federation to show up.
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