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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Minor retcons.

Nothing like Vulcan being blown up.

And with all that time travel stuff, it's questionable at best if Enterprise is part of the prime timeline.
It was the stated intent of the showrunners that ENT was in both TOS and TNG continuity. Any idea that it wasn't is fanwank to—wait for it—deal with all the not-so-utterly-minor ways that ENT didn't mesh with previously established Prime Universe continuity.
Wasn't the show runner's intent to be free of the prime timeline and style, from introducing new temporal aliens to changing the opening theme? They may have tried to work their way back to the prime timeline but that wasn't the premise.
It was never their intent to be free of the Prime timeline. If anything, all the temporal incursions were supposed to ultimately result in the Prime Universe as we knew it in TOS.
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