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Re: Star Trek 3: Classic Trek or original story?

New story, if any exist.

If I had to rehash a story or two though, I'd go with Vulcans trying to reforge links with their Romulan brethren, meanwhile Klingons and Star Fleet are involved in numerous battles/border skirmishes. Romulam subterfuge is discovered to be playing a part in the impending war, Kirk manages to bring the Klingons to the peace table and Spock (Prime) does the same with the Romulans. This leads not only to a peace summmit, at Khitomer of course, but a full union between the three powers. Spock (JJverse) is now an ambassador, Kirk gives his 2nd star speech and we pan around the bridge to see a Romulan, Klingon and Andorian on the bridge. Roll credits, after main cast credits we get an all too familiar flash, a familiar voice rings out, no visual, just off screen.

"You're progressing far faster than even I had suspected, your trial will have to be brought forward. You will now answer to the charge of being grievously savage races."
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