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Re: Episode of the Week : The Enemy Within

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Which is fine for real people, but it seems out of character for a scripted regular. But it was early in the series' development and Bones was a little crankier.

There's a sense in which the earliest TOS episodes were a little more sophisticated than the later, polished ones. Before the actors got their egos fully invested in fictional identities and these characters took on a life of their own ("My guy would never say that, re-write it!"), there was a rough-edged naturalism to the dialogue, with raw, unflattering emotions coming out more often.

In this light, you could say that Star Trek followed the opposite path of Battlestar Galactica. Where ST began with some rough and raw naturalism and evolved into idealized romanticism, BG's original series was romanticised while the Ronald Moore remake went to extremes of naturalism.
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