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Re: Sam Jackson goes all..."Sam Jackson" on Sam Rubin

Thanks the assist with the link guys. I posted from my phone and didn't realize that that would make a difference.

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Is this an all black people don't look alike thing, or an I'm a much better actor than that hack sort of thing?
I think there's a little bit of "they all look alike" going on here. SLJ actually says it at one point and then mentions something about "black movie stars" all looking alike (or something like that).

The bigger issue though is Sam Rubin, an entertainment reporter, either not knowing the identity of the actor playing one of the most iconic movie roles ever, or perhaps Rubin wasn't familiar with The Matrix. Either way, the gaff was inexcusable and made Rubin look look ridiculous. And Rubin's staff was apparentely equally ignorant. What I loved about what SLJ did was that he wouldn't allow Rubin to brush it off and move on when he wanted too. When SLJ said, "You're the entertainment reporter?", I laughed out loud.
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