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Re: DS9 Caption Context 87: Station of Looooooove

Nog: "Well, I didn't MAKE him for YOU..!"

Ziyal: "...and then I thought we'd sit & watch all 6 seasons of Sex And The Citadel! Oh, you'll LOVE it, Garak! Sometimes I feel like I was just like Candasa! And the CLOTHES..!"

Jadzia: "..I'm telling you, he'll sit there for hours without telling anyone."

Lenara: "It can't be good for him, though, can it?"

Jadzia: "He's Klingon. Pain is like candy for them. Can't get enough of it."

Lenara: "...But hemorrhoids, though?"

Odo: "Yeah, dat booty gots t'be at LEAST dat wide fo' me t'holla atta bitch, know'um sayin'?"

Watley: "Excuse me, gentlemen, have you seem a tall odd-looking chap with large floofy hair & an absurdly long scarf about?"

Intendant: "My mind to your mind..."
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