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Re: Star Trek Continues: Episode 2 "Lolani"...

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I forgot to mention that the title was pretty unimaginative. Yes, there was "Gem" on Star Trek, but that one word/name title is the exception rather than the rule.
Well, there was the episode "Miri," and the aborted episode "Joanna." But indeed, those were exceptions to the general episode title trend. I think the "single name" episode titles really picked up steam with TNG (e.g. "Sarek").
At the same time, a lot of fan films take on some of the most pretentious episode titles in Trek history. Like "Whose Birth These Triumphs Are" or even "For Want of a Nail." Good god. The contents never justify such high minded titles.

Give me me "Arena", "Catspaw" or "Lolani" and "The Child" any day of the week and twice on Sunday. Simple and they get the episode's point across a lot more clearly. Yeah, I know: "For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky." But you know something, it perfectly states the point of the episode.

Oy. Sometimes I think the titles are created first ("Hey, original Trek did 'Dagger of the Mind.' Shakespeare!").
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