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Re: Star Trek Continues: Episode 2 "Lolani"...

I never expected that Star Trek would ever again be in a form that would affect me again like TOS. The best I hoped for was to see space adventure, other SF or even a new Trek done in a new form that would click in such a way to grab me in some semblance of how I felt about TOS. Babylon 5, The X-Files and one or two other series as well as some of TNG were pretty cool and could even make me grin with some enthusiasm, but it still wasn't quite the same magical feeling as TOS.

One also has to be realistic and accept that recapturing the chemistry of the original cast with new performers would be highly unlikely.

In all candour the STC cast does not have that chemistry. There is no questioning their enthusiasm and dedication. But then I haven't seen any other cast in a fan production match STC's level of execution either. The STC cast do a decent job of reprising the TOS characters without being slaves to the original cast. It's a fine balance.

But it's the rest of the STC production that raises the whole above the average. Despite the challenges they've managed to evoke the feeling of the original Star Trek unlike anyone else be it fan or professional production. I find myself moved in a very unexpected way, in a way I haven't known for a very long time.

And I am thankful of that. No, it ain't perfect (neither was TOS), but it's pretty damned cool nonetheless.
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