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Re: Members of the Federation.

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Good catch, Sci. I'll edit them onto the list.

EDIT: Too late, edit feature's gone. Never mind.
Thanks! Also, caught two more for you, also from The Fall: Arvada III and Caldos II, childhood homes of Beverly Crusher.

From Peaceable Kingdoms, page 112:

Dayton Ward, PEACEABLE KINGDOMS, wrote:
The buildings themselves were the sort of prefabricated structures designed for easy assembly and removal. To Crusher, the scene resembled any number of new colony outposts she had visited over the years, including the small villages in which she had lived as a child with her grandmother on planets like Arvada III and Caldos II. Those colonies on those two worlds eventually had grown and thrived into cities and other communities scattered across their respective planets, both of which were now full-fledged members of the Federation. Would something like that happen here, one day?
Re: Magna Roma. I'm not necessarily inclined to accept information from The Captain's Honor as binding on the modern novel continuity, but I do think it might be useful to note that The Captain's Honor, according to Memory Beta, establishes the Magna Romanii state's official name to be the Republic of Magna Roma, its legislature to be known as the Senate, and its capitol building to be known as the Regia Republicae. Personally, I'm inclined to take that information until such time as it's contradicted by future novels, even if I don't take anything else from Captain's Honor. (I wonder if their head of government is known as the Consul? Just speculation, of course.)
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