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Re: Batman: Arkham 4

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Origins got a lot better on consoles once the patches rolled out, and it had easily the best storyline of the three games thus far, but the amount of recycled assets from Arkham City were really bothersome. A lot of the design felt incredibly lazy -- why, for example, is there a Batsignal in the skies of Gotham when the police still view Batman as a criminal vigilante? Did we really need to spend so much more time in the Sionis Steel Mill? Or, to drill down into the gameplay, in the open areas in Arkham Asylum -- and even in some parts of City -- I still felt like it was up to me how to approach it. Sure, I could go in fists flying, but what if I grapple up here and take this one guy out, leave a gel bomb over here, sneak up behind these two assholes, do a double takedown and drop a smoke bomb, disable the weapons cache, then grapple back over on that other ledge?

In Origins, it's all "here's where you sneak" and "here's where you beat the Christ out of everyone." There were so many rooms where there was just no fucking way to crouch and sneak your way through it, but rather there was One Way to beat the level. Oddly, despite being a locked-down environment, Asylum in many ways gave me more freedom, or at least the illusion of it, which is one of several reasons I still think it's the best game in the series despite the improvements made to the combat system in City. Origins is decent enough if you go in with low expectations and no desire to 100% the thing, but I'm much more interested in anything Rocksteady might have in store.

Nailed it.

Although I had no glitch/bug issues in PS3, there was something missing from this version. The story was the best of the three, but I couldn't put my finger in why I didn't enjoy this game as much as the other two.

With that said, there were very few games I enjoyed more in 2013 than Origins. In still looking forward to whatever Rocksteady is doing.
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