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Re: TOS Caption Contest #282: Love Connection

Landon: "Looks like we're stranded on this uninhabited, Eden-like planet forever, Pavel. That being the case, I've never much liked the name 'Martha.' Call me by my middle name, 'Eve.'"
Chekov: "Alright, and you can call me by my middle name, 'Adamovitch.' 'Adam' for short."

Lieutenant Leslie
wakes from his dream and starts frantically scribbling notes for his next fanfic.

McCoy: "I'm sorry, Natira, I just can't. Tonya Barrows and I are going steady."

Kirk (frowning): "Hey, is that real fur?"
Lenore: "Yes. It's dyed tribble fur."
Kirk (smiles): "Ah! Not an endangered species then!"
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