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Re: Star Trek Continues: Episode 2 "Lolani"...

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Anyone feeling the other way? I found this to be very boring and the characters far less engaging than recent Phase 2 offerings.
I do. First, the story. The first half was a paint by the numbers TOS story. It was predictable. In fact, the only part not predictable was the ending.

Captain Kirk. How many have we had now? Shatner, Pine, Cawley, Vic and now Brian. No offense to Vic, but his Kirk is wound up WAY to tight. An example would be when he's giving orders during an emergency situation it's more like how the actor himself would respond to danger than Captain Kirk. Yes, Kirk yelled when he had to but it didn't sound like a hissy fit. Although he deserves props for one hell of a flying kick. Is there anyway to lower his voice in tone artificially? His voice is to high.

Scotty has the best line.

Seems to me if you're going to have Uhura from Phase II, you should give her something to do. She should have been the one to take Lolani under her wing. TOS doesn't need counselors. I mean let's be real here, we all know why the McKenna character exists. I enjoy her as an actor but the character doesn't fit. Plus she hogs all the screen time, leaving Uhura and Sulu with nothing to do. And where the hell is Checkov?

Spock was better this time and had something to do. But I'm still Meh as far as the character is concerned.

When Lou first appeared I barely understood him, and during the dinner scene I cringed. But he brought his A game afterwards. When he kicked ass he kicked ass.

Final score for Lolani, is 5 out of ten. A very slow and dull paint by the numbers first half almost brought this train to a grinding halt. I get it, it's a fan film and not to be judged by professional standards. But don't call it Star Trek Continues and pretend it's a continuation of TOS and have Kirk already begin to lose his eyesight. And if you want to do TNG fine, do TNG. But if it wasn't the first episode with a holodeck, this time we had more of Counselor Troi-I mean counselor McKenna. Choose, be TOS or TNG. But just choose already.

I liked the moral story at the end and was taken back by how it ended. But we could have done well with less Kirk angst over Lolani at the end. Picard would have let Lolani go, but not Kirk. The ending scenes seem like they come out of a TNG episode rather than a TOS piece.
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