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ENTER | TOS Avatar Contest #43: Wolf in the Fold

Welcome to the all new TOS Avatar Contest!

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And the winners are:




TOS Theme: Kirk's Romances

Random Theme: Mythological Creatures


Avro Arrow

Congrabulations od0, Orac and Praetor_Shinzon! You all get a shiny Golden Spock medal!

Congrabulations Praetor_Shinzon! You get to pick the next TOS Theme !

Congrabulations to JiNX-01 and Avro Arrow whichever one of you posts here first gets to pick the next Random theme!

Once these have been submitted we'll proceed with the next contest...

This weeks themes are:

Episode: Wolf in the Fold
Kirk and the Enterprise Computer become detectives after Scotty is accused of murdering women on a pleasure planet.

TOS Theme: Mr. Sulu
The Enterprise Helmsman who was born in San Francisco.

Random Theme: Disasters!
Real or imagined they can be quite disastrous.

Avatars must conform to board rules i.e. Images must be no larger than 150x150px and file sizes of said images no larger than 140kb.

Entries will be accepted for 10 days from the date of this post with the subsequent poll lasting 4 days.
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ENTER -- TNG Avatar Contest #101: Darmok
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