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Re: Would you rather?

Roddenberry wrote: View Post
I'd go with Cardassian.

Would you rather be the lifelong object of affection for Will Riker, James T Kirk or Lxwanna Troi?
Lwaxana, because I'm a guy.

JD5000 wrote: View Post
bbjeg wrote:
Would you rather have Ferengi ears, a Cardassian neck, or a Klingon (TNG) forehead?
I'd go with Klingon forehead, knocking on doors would be way more fun.
The way the Would You Rather game works is you have to answer the last post's question. First come, first served.

And Roddenberry, you have to say why you chose your answer.

Would you rather eat a dish made by Guinan, Quark, or Neelix, or have a drink with McCoy?
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