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Re: Who wants to see a TAS Remasered project?

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Having worked in video and computer games since the late 80s I can tell you that:
  1. Stuff gets lost all the time, especially old files for abandoned projects
  2. Writers rarely have any say in how the work is used. Most of it is "work for hire". We pay you once. You do it. We do what we want with it (within the restrictions/approvals of any licenses).
  3. Since the game was never finished and the Trek game licenses are with other companies, to do anything with this material you'd have to
    • find it
    • pay whoever owns the recordings to release it to you (unless the rights to the actual data lapsed back to Paramount, depending on the contract)
    • get a new license to use those tracks and story in a new product
I've commented on SECRET OF VULCAN FURY before and I passionately would love to see if the material does still exist. Now the files would be owned by Interplay which was sold to a French company I think.

The first thing you would need to do is find out where it is IF it still exists. That would mean someone exploring all possible avenues and breaking down barriers to speak to possible contacts. If [god forbid] the files don't exists, try and find out where it all ended up in t he very last instant.

As a Doctor Who fan I have followed the story of episodes found again from foreign stations or private collectors after the BBC burnt hundreds of original copies in the 70s, believing that in the new world of Colour Television no one would give a toss about the black and white stuff. Of course now people ARE interested in the world of repeats, VHS and now DVD.

If the files exist somewhere and can be located in an archive or something (or easier if the Director/Producer has spares in a box in the attic!) then they would need to be bought, either privately or through CBS - ANYTHING commercial be it a game or DVD/blu-ray/Cartoon Network special will have to go through the rights holders.

Of course it would be a wonderful find and hopefully someone with time and resources will care to go looking - this is potentially a feature-length project with the entire cast of TOS some in their final appearances (though I hear Deforest Kelley unfortunately had to be replaced due to ill health) as lead actors.

If not then maybe D.C. Fontana could adapt the story into another form? This isn't just an 'unmade' project this sis something that was started, maybe someone could research into how much work was actually completed. The videos and pictures on TrekCore are stunning, and if there is a final product I hope some of that vision is preserved.
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