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Re: Star Trek Continues: Episode 2 "Lolani"...

Loved every minute of it, felt exactly what it is meant to be, a good season 3-4 episode
Vic is Shatnerkirk, his mannerisms are dead on without cliche, he looks enough like him and his height and build are almost identical.
I love hot chicks so I was not disappointed in that regard either
Louie was fantastically oily and menacing
Habakorn is getting quite good and Chris is his father (scary)
I would be happy with a different McCoy and Larry is a fine actor for sure but I don't feel Leonard McCoy
Drexlers effects spot on
Beautiful poignant story. My favorite episode is Empath and this evoked similar emotions to me
Wish we could get this funded and get it on a network I'm already jonzing for the next episode
(We need an engineering set)
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