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Re: Ringo Starr Looks Great for 74

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Not sure if anyone watched The Beatles special tonight but I found out that Ringo was 74. I was shocked, because looking at him he doesn't look a day over 50. Yeah I know Make Up helps, but he's as energetic now as he was back then and I honestly thought he was better than Paul McCartney during the individual segments. It's a shame he's always looked at as kind of the outsider of the group because now he's still rocking and looking good doing it.

Anyone else watch the special, or just think Ringo Starr is the best Beatle?
Ringo wasn't the best Beatle, John was.

But I was thinking the same thing you were when looking at Ringo on the show. He looks WAY younger than Paul. Fingo just seems so unpretentious and down to earth -- just a regular guy. He seemed completely relaxed talking to Letteman about the past, where Paul seemed his usual kind of uptight, nervous self. And no offense to Paul, love all of the Beatles, individually and as a whole.

I did laugh out loud at Yoko and those glassses sitting on the end of her nose and that hat. Sean was there too, right? I thought that was him.

Why Katie Perry? So many other singers could have done a better job. My favorite performance was Imagine Dragons', Revolution.

That was a nice touch getting those girls who were actually shown on camera in the studio to comment. Anyone recall that Stevie's verion of Try to See it My Way was a huge hit for him.

Loved the show.
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