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Re: NFL Offseason '14: Wake me up when minicamps start

At that point, isn't it really just down to: Can he PLAY? If he's any good, then absolutely, yes. If not, doesn't matter if he's Queer Eye or Marlboro Man, he can't help the team.

Like I said, a non-clusterfuck of a team won't have a problem with this, and can deal with the attention and deflect/make it a non-issue. A mediocre or bad team will get eaten alive by this, there will be instant hazing stories, fighting in the locker room, all that nonsense.

If teams pass on a good player due to fear of media puff pieces, they deserve what they get, and it's likely not even in the top 5 of fuckups they'll make this offseason. If they take him just BECAUSE of the media attention (and he can't play), just as big a mistake. Jackie Robinson's story was only interesting because he was good. Otherwise, you just get a Tebow to the Jets level of media circus, and a 3rd string QB dominates your storylines and tears apart your locker room and leadership...
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