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Re: NFL Offseason '14: Wake me up when minicamps start

Teams will pass on him not because of his orientation, but because whichever team drafts him is going to by default get attention which will cause a distraction (i.e., non-traditional tv shows and magazines who don't typically talk about football will try and get interviews/articles about him). The distraction will be more of a concern than how good of a special teams player he will be (which is what he will be). Unfortunately, like all players, if he doesn't get results on special teams, he will be cut, and that will also invite media distraction.
It's going to be a distraction in the media when they sign him, and another if he gets cut. As for nontraditional media, there have already been articles in gay magazines I've never heard of before as opposed to your typical sports pages. I don't care what he does in the bedroom, but if you're going to be a story each week, is it worth taking him?
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