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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

Note on the fleet holdings: please don't queue up any more Provisioning missions at this time. Even if they are the only projects available. We've got plenty of provisions (minus Sphere, which we can't queue up again until the upgrade hits) and don't want to waste the DIL getting more when we could be putting it into the bigger upgrade projects. Can't cancel them, so it just sits and wastes a spot, while distracting resources from needed projects.

Focus should be on getting Fleet Marks to finish the DIL Mine, Marks and DIL for the Embassy, and then the Spire T1 should complete which gives us the Spire Ops T1 upgrade to work on.

Lots to do, keep at it

In the interim, check out NoP Public Service chat channel. Basically just end-stage fleets that give out free invites to their holdings to buy things from. You use our provisions, but can buy the T3 (or T5 for starbase) version instead of the T1 or T2 versions we offer at the moment. Only ones this doesn't work for is ships, as you have to be IN their fleet to buy those. Ocassionaly someone gives out permission to buy a ship, though, so if you have to leave to buy something, just give a shout out to get re-invited to ours, or post here. I snagged a Fleet Chimera over the weekend this way, and had one of my other toons re-invite my main toon.
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