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Re: TNG Caption This! 346: Lovey Dovey

Minuet: So is your Captain really French?
Picard: Uhh, ménage à Troi.
Minuet: Close enough.

Worf: Your House or Mine?
K'ehleyr: Take my Worf - please!

Jean Luc: I see you like planting flowers. How do you feel about pruning hedges?
Beverly: I don't bother.
Jean Luc: Ooh la la.

Emotive. Electro-chemical stimulus-response.
Cranial plate.
Bipedal locomotion. Endoskeletal.
Christy: Contiguous external integument.
Hierarchical collective command structure!
Christy: Interrogative.
Big boobs.
Christy: You always ruin Cytherian Charades.

Troi: And Noonian Soong funded all his research programming apps for Calvin Klein?
Riker: Yep.
Data: Try Obsession? Dammit!

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