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Re: How could they do theRomulanWar and make it different than theDomi

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One major difference from the Dominion War could be to write the Romulans as having a legitimate reason to engage in warfare with Earth ...
Actually, there was nothing wrong with the Romulan reasoning for going to War. They were an expansionist militaristic society ...
I was thinking of something else, something that would resonate with the audience. I don't immediately know what it would be, but there would be a realistic cause driving both sides of the conflict. The characters in Earth forces would not have the know what the Romulan motivation was, but the audience would.

Like with the movie Insurrection, the audience wouldn't automatically all back the same faction in the drama (Earth or Romulan), within the storyline there would be a ongoing element of choice.

It wouldn't be cut and dry, it wouldn't be "easy."

The no communication thing was tolerable to a degree. What I find inconceivable is that in all those years of fighting, Earth's forces newer captured a single POW, or ran into a single dead Romulan soldier.
Well a couple of things that come from Balance of Terror might explain those points.

One, apparently during the war Earth forces stopped dicking around with low powered photonic weapon and switch over to using nuclear weapons, so in the aftermath of a space battle there might not have been any bodies. Or what bodies were found in the wreckage were all mangled.

Two, in BoT during Spock's briefing he said: "this conflict ... allowed no quarter." No quarter is a military euphemism for take no prisoners and show no mercy. It might have been Earth policy to not even attempt to take prisoners. The Romulan may have early in the war taken advantage of a Earth force effort of rescue survivors to launch a surprise attack, resulting in Human fatalities. Resulting in Earth leadership deciding on a no prisoners policy, at least in space.

Another thought is that the only ground forces Earth encountered were Remans, or other species from within the Empire, but no actual Romulans. Shinzon (a non-Romulan) rose to the position of commander within the Romulan forces.

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