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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Aphasia Viruses.
B is for Bajor VIII.
C is for Canon. Enforced by the Federation Inquisition. Oops! They're secret. I wasn't supposed to tell anyone. Someone's knocking at my door.
D is for Double Dumb-ass on you!
E is for Enterprise, the name of many a gallant and historic spaceship throughout Starfleet history, both before and after the founding of the Federation.
F is for Finney. Commander Benjamin Finney. And his one little mistake.......which could have destroyed the ship and killed everyone on board.
G is for Gre'thor, the closest Klingon approximation of the human afterlife in Hell.
H is for Horta.
I is for Ilia of Delta IV, lost in the line of duty and declared missing.
J is for the Janus Gate.
K is for Koloth, legendary Klingon commander and warrior.
L is for Lithium Cracking Station on Delta Vega.
M is for Mars.
N Is for Nelvana III.
O is for Obsession (TOS episode)
Q is for Q. Who is probably still chuckling over what he did to the Denver Broncos last week.
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