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Re: DS9 Caption Context 87: Station of Looooooove

Welcome to the team Smellincoffee!

Eisenberg: Cut! Isn't it a little weird that I'm in my twenties and you're having my character interested in a teenage girl?

Robinson: Cut! Don't you think it's odd that I'm in my forties and you're having my character be interested in a twenty year old?

Dorn: Cut! Don't you think it's odd that you're not having Jadzia be interested in me yet?

Odo: And if you maintain proper placement on the keyboard, you can reach the Ctrl key without losing the ability to press the space bar...

Whatley: I'm looking forward to our appointment tomorrow, Doctor. Anyway, I've got to go change into a red uniform for my away mission.

Intendant: Do as I say or I WON'T go alternate universe on you.
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