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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited

Shazam! wrote: View Post
That Phase II Enterprise is awesome.
The Planet of the Titans Enterprise designs aren't the same ship as Phase II's.

Khan 2.0 wrote: View Post
i kind if wish POTT had been the first movie in 1975 or 76 beating SW to cinemas.

sounds it wouldve been like Star Treks Prometheus...with a more TOS flavour than TMP (ST Phase 2: The Movie) i imagine the opening 10-15 mins of Kirk being lost wouldve been similar in look and tone to TOS (end of the 5 year mission) and when they all come back 3 years later everything wouldve looked more Phase 2/TMP
I doubt the show would have looked anything like Phase II/TMP in any regard, since they had entirely different production designers, and especially given Ken Adam's concept sketches for Titans, which are very unlike any other Trek.
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