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Re: Bill Nye to debate Creationist tonight at 7 - 2.4 on CNN

I'm an evolution skeptic as well, because I don't buy the idea that it's solely based on random mutation and natural selection, which was what I was taught back then in school. It think that (in addition to random mutation) an organism changes bits of its genetic makeup depending on the environment it lives in/adapts to. And over generations (if the offsprings are living under the same environmental conditions), these changes to the genetic code get more and more refined. That's the only way I can see things happen the way they did.

Only a few days ago I stumbled over this article that makes me think my hunch is correct. An organism that does sport like running recognizes what areas of the body need more support (like the heart, the lungs and the leg muscles). So everything is refined to change this. And the changes are also passed on to the offsprings. And if future generations run as well, these refinements get more and more prominent.
Adapt that principle to primates coming into a region with fruits hanging from tall trees, and over generations, back muscles got stronger and stronger, the shape of the spine changed, etc..., to refine the upright walk they needed. Furry animals relocate to a hot region, and over generations, they change their genetic makeup to produce less fur, or more sweat glands.

And organism absolutely knows what its doing and actively adapts to its environment. And the evolution theory I was taught completely ignored that.
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