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We'll see how 20+ year old files stand up to a modern HD treatment when it happens. For right now, I'd assume that it would be easier and more practical to just recreate new ships from scratch with the newest CG technology.
Working as a professional 3D artist I'd like to point out that the original scene files would still provide a perfect starting point for any upgraded CGI-shots, because 50% - 75% of the work is basically the choreography of the shots - camera angles and movements, ship positions and trajectories, the lighting... even effects like lasers, torpedoes and explosions might already be part of the scenes in some form or another (be it just as placeholders or sprite cards). All of this is stuff that could easily be kept as is, which saves an incredible amount of work.

Based on these scene files it's relatively easy to swap out ships for more detailed 3D models and higher-res textures (should that be necessary), but all the animation work is already timed and framed to exactly what's needed. Updating the scene to make use of modern rendering and lighting techniques is also relatively straightforward, but the bulk of the work is the animation.
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