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Re: They really should have found a way to get Shatner on one of the m

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Shatner has been in as many Trek movies as Connery was in Bond movies. And that's not counting three seasons of TOS. That's a good long run, I think, and more than enough for anyone.

It's way past time for everybody to accept Chris Pine as Kirk (along with Brian Goss from Star Trek Phase II).
While I like Pine as Kirk just fine, and while I agree that bringing back Shatner for the movie to play Kirk one more time really isn't necessary*, why don't we let people decide for themselves what or whom they'll accept and when? Wagging a figurative finger at people while telling them what it's time for them to accept is probably not going to be very productive (not to mention that it has a way of making one come across as a scold.)

* I thought the Gorn commercial was good fun, though.
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