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Re: Absolute worst character in DS9 History: Ezri Dax

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The "i'm bubbly and innocent and sweet and cute but deep inside I hurt" act go so old, so fast. As far as I'm concerned she's the ultimate Mary-Sue.
What do those things have to do with being a Mary Sue? The term seems to be thrown around now as lazy shorthand for complaining about any female character.
Really? As far as I know, she falls into just about every Marye-Sue cliché I know.

> Beautiful: check
> Quarky and cutely clumsy (which offsets her beauty and makes her just *adorable*): check
> Beloved by everyone instantly: check
> Has one of the main characters fall in love with her instantly: check
> Has a "dark" / "sad" past that she tries to keep secret but which is finally found out and supported by all other characters: check
> Wants to be "normal" but has an incredible future thrust upon her: check (here: being unexpectedly joined)
> Rule-bending uniqueness: check (Trills are supposed to train for life to have a Symbiont but she doesn't!)
> Action-stealer: check (she appears out of nowhere in season 7 and suddenly every other episode features her very prominently in action scenes even though she's just supposed to be a counselor)

> etc...

Honestly at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if one of the writers' daughter's name was Ezri... It doesn't matter that some of these are somehow justified by her being Trill - she didn't have to be this way because she's a made-up character: Jadzia was a Trill too and she wasn't like that, so all these Mary-Sue characteristics are unique to Ezri.
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