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Re: Fox Developing "Gotham" Young Jim Gordon Series

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The plan is for Bruce Wayne to be a supporting character, starting out at about the age of 12. He would only become Batman right at the end of the series if it runs the distance.
Again, I doubt any series expects to run for a decade or more, so if the plan is for him to become Batman at the end, I think they'll make him older than that. Maybe the pilot will begin with him at 12 and then jump forward a few years.

Plus there are child labor laws to consider. If they want Bruce to be one of the central characters in the show, if they want him to have enough screen time to fill such a role, then they will have to cast someone at least 18 years old, even if they pass him off as younger. We've been sufficiently conditioned by decades of TV and movies to accept twentysomething actors as 15- or 16-year-olds, but not 12-year-olds.
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